Natasha Taylor

UQ Women Create Change Ambassador
SAGE Pilot of Athena SWAN

Natasha Taylor
PhD student, School of Mathematics and Physics

“It was in high school that I discovered YouTube, which opened to a whole new world of education to me, and I would spend hours learning about science and history outside of school.”

Natasha Taylor is a PhD student in the School of Mathematics and Physics. Natasha is nearing the end of her PhD, on quantum effects inside biological systems.

Natasha completed her undergraduate degree at the Australian National University (ANU), with a double-major in theoretical physics and physics, followed by honours in quantum coherent control, researching how to use lasers to control chemical reactions.

“I want to use my experience of being a member of both the queer community and a woman to help make science a better and more inclusive place for everyone.”

“Don’t be afraid of failure. I would often not start any task that I didn’t know ahead of time I could complete perfectly, never volunteer for anything I didn’t already know how to do, until I learnt a simple lesson – there are very few mistakes that are permanent, but a missed opportunity is gone forever.”


Bachelor of Science (Hons), Australian National University